5 Great Tools Every B2B Wholesale Platform Should Offer

Running a B2B wholesale business is not easy, especially if you depend on your ecommerce platform! Here are 5 great tools every B2B wholesale platform should offer!
Having the right tools, features, plugins, and apps are crucial for running a productive, stable, and powerful B2B wholesale business. Another thing that is definitely worth mentioning is the ecommerce platform.
The easiest way to build your own ecommerce site today is by using an ecommerce platform. The ecommerce platform will provide you with all the features, apps, and plugins you need, as long as you are using the right one.
In this article, we aren’t going to compare B2B ecommerce platforms or convince you which B2B ecommerce solution is right for your business. Instead, we are going to present you the 5 greatest tools every B2B wholesale platform should offer:

1. Minimum order quantities per product:

In some situations, it may be not economically smart or functional for your business to sell products at a low volume which is why the flexibility to offer minimum order quantities is an excellent tool. Having the option to set different minimum order quantities for each product will make sure you are not in a situation where your business ends up operating more like a retail business. Workflow is a great tool that can help you regulate the minimum order quantity.
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2. Quantity steps:

You may purchase products in bulk from your manufacturer or supplier and if you want to pass the maximum saving on to your buyers, this means that you will sell those products in similar quantities and not as individual products. One great tool to keep in mind is Tradeit. This tool allows you to sell your products online in defined quantity steps and allow you to set different quantities.
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3. Quantity breaks:

The B2B users usually purchase products in bulk so an effective and simple way of convincing them to purchase more is to lower the price per product based on the quantity that they purchase. Allowing you to set the quantity price and breaks per product is a great way for you to sell more products and to reward your loyal customers at the same time.
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4. Re-ordering tools:

The repeat orders are a common thing in the B2B world and customers usually know what they want to buy. Allowing your customers to reorder will help you improve your ability to convert the visitors into active buyers. Find a B2B ecommerce solution that can integrate with tools that allow quick order pads. You need to offer your customers the option to reorder the items from a previous order, to create multiple wish lists that can be converted to orders, and etc. The option to upload baskets from an external list of SKU products is just another advantage.

5. Multiple Price Lists:

Different customers are usually accustomed to different pricing, depending on who they are, how much they spend, what company they work for, what they buy, and whether they have some special offer or discount arranged with the supplier. The B2B ecommerce solution you are using should cater to these options. The ecommerce platform should also offer multiple currencies, NET pricing, multiple tax models, and etc. Flexible pricing is necessary in the B2B ecommerce world.
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Shopify is one of the best B2B ecommerce tools on the market and it is recommended by small, mid-sized and large wholesale businesses. If you want the best B2B wholesale platform for your business, choosing Shopify is the right choice.
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